Yoga Styles

Exploring the Different Types of Yoga

Exploring the Different Types of Yoga

There are several different types of yoga that you can explore to find the one that best suits your needs and level of comfort. Since each type of yoga will vary or have some differences, it may be wise to consider each type available in your area and research each one for the amount of exertion you may experience during the practice. You should also consider the benefits of each type carefully as some possess more relaxation benefits while others offer purifying or weight-loss perks. Once you have found the practice that best suits your needs, it is recommended that you stick to it but feel free to continue exploring and expanding your horizons.

Types of Yoga

Each type of yoga has its benefits and will help you to live a healthier lifestyle no matter which one you choose to take on for your practice. The 8 most popular types include:

    • Anusara – teaches how to open the heart, learn grace, and share the goodness within.
    • Ashtanga – derived from an ancient form that is rigorous, possesses fluid poses, and takes place in a hot room.  Here is a beautiful example of Ashtanga yoga.

  • Bikram – consists of 26 poses that are done in a specific order within a heated and humid room to increase sweat production.
  • Hatha – gentle introduction to yoga using basic poses.
  • Hot Yoga – similar to Bikram without the specific postures.
  • Iyengar – meticulous style that uses props to help perfect poses for alignment offering a physical and mental challenge to the student.
  • Restorative – focuses on more relaxing poses and provides a soothing as well as restful experience.
  • Vinyasa – fluid movement throughout the class while teaching the perfection of each pose.

These types of yoga vary greatly from one another and each possess their own benefits as well as specific poses that are practiced in the class. Some of them even change the poses from class to class or based on the teacher that you are working with.


Discovering what yoga type is best for you is best found through exploration and experiencing each type personally. Since everyone is different it can easily be noticed that what your friends enjoy may not be as wonderful of an experience for you. The choice in yoga type should really be left up to you and your personal preference to ensure that your practice will help you to achieve the results that you are looking to find within a class. Besides, exploring is half of the fun when learning about yoga.


Health Benefits of Yoga

Health Benefits of Yoga

There are a lot of benefits coming our way through yoga. This is exactly the reason why it is gaining in popularity all the time. It keeps sickness at bay and makes us stronger physically and emotionally. Some of these health benefits of yoga have been listed here.

Improving the body’s flexibility

The asanas in yoga help to improve flexibility of the body. It will be simply impossible to touch your toes or bend backwards during your early sessions. But slowly things begin to happen as you continue with yoga. In addition, you would also see pains and aches disappearing. This is because the inflexibility in connective tissue as well as muscles leads to this pain. A flexible body would also lead to a better posture, improved gait and so on.

Stronger muscles

You need flexible muscles, but you need stronger muscles too. These look good too. Once you are improving the flexibility of your muscles through yoga, you are making them stronger too. This way you are saving yourself from fractures, arthritis and such other conditions that may crop up in future.

Keeping your spinal disk in shape

Your spinal disks need to remain healthy in order to keep your spinal cord in shape and avoid any kind of pain or injuries. Yoga includes a lot of side bends, back bends and so on. All these are perfect for keeping your spinal disks supple.

Making bones healthy

A number of yoga postures require you to lift your body on your hands or arms and so on. All this helps to improve the health of your bones. Yoga also helps in lowering the amount of stress hormone, cortisol, in the body. This helps to retain the calcium in your bones. This is going to help you in fighting against conditions like osteoporosis later on in life.

Improved blood flow

This is one of the best benefits of doing yoga. It helps to improve the circulation of blood in the body, especially the arms and feet. There are a lot of twists during various yoga poses. This helps to wring out the venomous blood from various internal organs. Once the twist is released, oxygenated blood flows into these organs. Hence there is a better level of hemoglobin in the body. This also helps in reducing the clot formation in the body leading to a reduction in possibility of strokes.
Do note that this is not a complete list. Once you start doing yoga, you will come across various other benefits, a few of which might be specific to you only!